Saturday, February 07, 2015

Meatloaf and Roots

Saturday 31 January
While digging deep in the back of the freezer, we found a 3-pound chunk of ground chuck, probably dating back to Lea and Mark's time here, as we generally break such purchases up into one-pound or hamburger-size packets.  Chuck generally needs to be lightened up with other meats, so at Findlay Market, we foraged for a pound of ground pork (Bender's) and another of ground turkey (Luken's).  Total: five pounds o'meat, to use in two classics: the vasty meat log, and eye-talian meatballs.

We pursued the meat loaf first, using these guidelines but adapted for a slightly larger amount of meat, with 3 eggs, and using Ritz crackers, which is what we had. 
Once it went into the oven, we sliced a turnip, two parsnips, and two carrots thinly, tossed them in oil and salt, and let them bake on the same tray, for an hour.
While that was roasting, we made the rest of the meat into a half batch of David Warda's Recipe Bible meatballs, saving the whites from the two egg yolks for future granolas, and whipping up a milk and yogurt mixture instead of buttermilk.  
Then when the meatloaf came out, the meatballs went in, so we could have them ready for another day...and another, and another.

As for the meatloaf, it was good enough, but still crumbly despite all the eggs, and weirdly creamy in the interstices.  I wonder whether mixing the eggs into the panade isn't a mistake; maybe next time the eggs will get mixed directly into the meat, and the panade added later.  
So we're still searching for what we did to achieve that holy grail, the Best Meatloaf Ever.

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