Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mushroom Steak and Cowboy Beans

Friday 20 February
Liz came over for dinner, and while we snacked on olives and cashews and drank the good Chianti she brought, we put together a warming winter dinner.
A couple of thick strip steaks went on the grill pan, then got sliced and garnished with thyme-sautéed mushrooms.
In the meantime, the rest of the red beans from Tuesday's slow-cooker batch were reheated in bacon grease in which some diced shallot had sizzled. 
Okay, the picture is splashier than even Saveur's illustrations - damn good, though.
For the finishing touch, Holt threw together a delicious compote of fresh apple, dried fig, apricot, and cranberries, mixed with some hot slivered almonds, cooked with Marsala and chestnut honey, ladled into ramekins, and topped with the last of the eggnog ice cream.  Went very well with little glasses of limoncello, a previous gift from Liz.

We were all warmed and filled, and happily, Liz made it home before it started snowing again. 

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