Saturday, February 07, 2015

Meatballs and Spaghetti

Tuesday 3 February
We got 26 meatballs out of the half batch we prepped last Saturday, and eight of them were eager to jump into some sauce and onto a pile of spaghetti. 

The sauce had also been made ahead of time, by sautéing a few sliced cloves of garlic and a minced onion in a deep enamel pot, stirring in some salt and a couple of Tablespoons of tomato paste to warm and mellow.  Then we added two big cans of crushed tomatoes, hand-crumbled leaves of our own dried basil and oregano, plus a couple of Israeli bay leaves, to simmer for a couple or three hours until the flavors were sweet and mellow.

Tonight, there was nothing to do but put the meatballs into the sauce, heat both through, and boil up some spaghetti.  A block of parmesan to grate over the top, and we had our perfect dose of Italian-American nostalgia.

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