Saturday, January 24, 2015


Saturday 10 January
We got lunch at Acme Oyster House, and we must say, the place has gone downhill.  Compared with the briny beauties we had downed at Pêche, the raw oysters were tasteless, and their grilled oysters were cheesy and overcooked.  But we would do much better at our dinner spot, recommended by Emily and Ron: Meauxbar. 
Though we were late (due to an interminable AIA council meeting), they seated us and our friends Katharine and Rebecca promptly, and even sent over a coupe of bubbly as lagniappe. 

We started with small plates: sweetbreads pillowed on grits, swimming in porter balsamic jus, bacon, and grilled onion marmelade; and the showy "escargots in bone," snails piled into a marrowbone along with the marrow, vermouth, shallot and thyme butter, sided with a jenga of toasted baguette soldiers. 
Then we got another small plate, the oyster pan roast with caramelized fennel, dijon endive cream, and potatoes; and a large one, Louisiana gulf fish under a pile of almonds, with rice pilaf and haricots verts.  All were true to their nature, imaginatively cooked and well composed.

We strolled home through the Quarter, trying to find Tavares Strachan's sculpture "You Belong Here" on its barge on the Mississippi River; but after all that food, we needed the exercise.  We finally saw it from an angle on the Moon Walk, and made it back to the hotel around midnight.  Ahhhh. 

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