Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bistro Daisy

Thursday 8 January
We hadn't seen our friends Emily and Ron since 2003, and as they are palate-perfect New Orleans food followers, we were excited to meet them at their current favorite place, Bistro Daisy.  Once again, it's a restaurant in a house, but it has those invaluable traits that neither Dante's Kitchen and Brigtson's didn't, quite: space; quiet; and soft but bright light.
We were going to have a mix of light and meaty fare, so you can't beat a good pinot noir: Ron's choice was Meiomi 2013.
Our starters were lump crab in piquant horseradish aioli piled on chilled roast beets, with torn bread croutons and chives; and a special of crispy fried oysters with bacon and basil chiffonade.

Our meaty main course was a succulent lamb shank topped with tomato-mint ragout and pine nuts, piled on gnocchi and arugula, with roast onions and Niçoise olives; and the other was another special, a crispy fillet of a new fish (to our embarrassment, we can't remember its name) topped with crabmeat, on a bed of fingerling potatoes and green beans.

We were even persuaded to participate in dessert: a perfect little creamsicle of a baked Alaska.  So thanks, Emily and Ron, for introducing us to Bistro Daisy.

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