Saturday, January 03, 2015

Duck and Porcini Risotto

Thursday January 1
New Year's is a day to recuperate.  We had a light lunch of the traditional (Albert) Herring (can't stop punning after last night), and took it easy through the afternoon. 
When hunger pangs struck around evening, we ransacked the fridge for the last remains of the Christmas duck, and found a cupful of broth and scraps from the bones.  There was also one last cup of Arborio rice, and the end of a bag of dried porcini.  So we minced up a quarter onion, gathered a handful of lemon thyme from the cold garden, brought out some frozen chicken stock to eke out the duck broth, and set ourselves in front of the stove to stir up a risotto.  
The result couldn't have been more magnificently full-flavored if we had planned it and bought all the ingredients.  Another triumph for leftovers.

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