Saturday, January 03, 2015

Chicken Thighs with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Friday January 2
Once again, Dora helped us prepare dinner by jumping into any space that could hold her four little cat feet.  At least here she allows our reader to get a view of our well-stocked (and well-meated, well-fished, well-buttered, and moderately well-icecreamed) freezer.

What goes well with (defrosted) chicken thighs and (fresh) Brussels sprouts?  Bacon, that's what.  We got a pre-packaged quarter pound out of said freezer, whacked off a half of it, and minced it into lardons.  

After they'd defrosted and given off their fat in a pan, the chicken, patted with thyme, went in to brown; and then the halved Brussels sprouts browned alongside.  Finally, it all got doused with white wine, and braised under cover until it was tender and delicious. 

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