Saturday, January 24, 2015

Lunch at Coop's; One Flew South at the Atlanta Airport

Sunday 11 January
We and almost everyone we know booked the only non-stop flight from New Orleans to Cincinnati to get home from our conference, but stupid Delta airlines stupidly cancelled the entire flight, which is why we had to fly via Atlanta and not arrive home until around midnight.  Still, we had time to eat lunch in New Orleans, which is always good.  We walked over to Coop's Place, a famous dive, and waited on line for their rabbit and sausage jambalaya, plus a brimming crawfish platter with fries, cole slaw, cocktail sauce and tartar sauce.

Luckily we had compatriots on our flight, especially Eleni, who came with us to share a relaxed meal (during almost three hours of layover) at One Flew South, reputed to be the best airport restaurant around.
We shared a bottle of white wine, and ordered smaller plates: a pulled duck (duck confit) burger, with fig and toasted peanut relish, scallions, and a side of slaw; and "Kamikaze rolls" (is that racist?), with tuna, salmon, hamachi, white seaweed, with spicy mayonnaise and eel sauce.
A nice oasis in an airport we remember for being snowed into on our way back from the San Antonio meetings, four years ago; and One Flew South is far better than the Nathan's hot dog we had then.

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