Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grilled Albacore with Pomelo

Friday 23 January
We are unsure whether we've ever had pomelo before, but one rolled home in the Jungle Jim's cart, and a good bit of citrus is always welcome in winter.
We were inspired by this recipe, halved and, of course, substituting pomelo for the grapefruit.
We didn't have any greens or red onions (I think they fell out of the bag at JJ's), but Holt had the brilliant idea of grilling white onion rings and a zucchino, quartered lengthwise, and setting them aside before we slapped the tuna steaks on the grill pan.

Pomelo turns out to be pink and sweet, without the bite of grapefruit, the tuna was grilled to a perfect medium-rare, and the dressing complemented and melded all the other flavors.  A keeper.

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