Sunday, March 02, 2014

Tangerine Duck with Oyster Mushrooms

Wednesday 26 February
Harold is back from his trans-chunnel voyage, so we are fortunate that the Co-op packages duck legs in threes (fervently hope that this is not due to nuclear effluent in local wetlands). 
Seared the duck legs in butter and oil, to get some fat out as well as browning them, but duck legs aren't very fatty, so we helped it along with some schmaltz from Sunday's chicken broth.  Then added more butter and a batch of rough-cut oyster mushrooms, so they could brown a bit as well.  Then threw in a dollop of chicken broth, and covered to braise until tender. 
Once they were, we plated the duck and mushrooms, and made a quick sauce out of the pan gravy, a tablespoon of (Oxford!) orange marmelade, more butter, and a scatter of fresh tangerine wedges. 

Duck and citrus are friends.

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