Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pork Roast and Braised Endive

Saturday 15 March
We got a "Sunday joint" of pork at the Co-op, but to be frank, we have not enjoyed the British style of roasting it tied up with the skin still on.  In our opinion, the resultant "crackling" is too tough to eat, and by the time it's crispy, the pork is an overdone sacrificial offering. 

So we untied and butterflied our pork, and roasted it with rosemary, under foil, for an hour at 190º C./375º F. until it came to our standard 140º F. on the instant read thermometer.  Result was tender and juicy.
To accompany it, we braised a pair of endives.  We cut them in half, and took a wedge out of each root up to where it joined the leaves.  Then we fried a little bacon and put the endive halves face down in the pan.  When they were browned, deglazed the pan with chicken broth and braised until tender.  Then topped them with grated grana and breadcrumbs, and broiled them just until browned. 

Pork and endive are now friends, though pork is still seeing fennel occasionally.

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