Saturday, March 22, 2014

Priscilla's Birthday at Brown's

Sunday 9 March
It was a big birthday (involving a zero) for our friend Priscilla.  So we took her, John, and Daisy out to Brown's restaurant in St. Giles for a festive Sunday lunch. 

Our two starters were a cold crab and avocado stack with a fluff of rocket on top, and a "king" prawn cocktail with Mary Rose sauce (ketchup mayonnaise, to you). 
One main was sliced breast of duck with a bacon-wrapped sausage ("chipolatas"), roast potatoes, and a Yorkshire pudding topped with peas, green beans, and carrots.  Pretty good, though Brasserie Blanc beats it hollow.
But the other, a "28-day-aged West Country rib steak," though it looked okay, turned out to be thin, overcooked and thus leathery, with bearnaise sauce (costs extra), plus chips.  We won't make the mistake of ordering steak here again.
Of course, a birthday calls for desserts, so we split three little cups of crème brûlée: the vanilla was not very distinct from the caramel, but the cherry/peach stood out.

Brown's was only just passable, but the company was excellent.  Many happy returns, Priscilla!

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