Saturday, October 25, 2014

Crabcakes and Cacık

Friday 17 October
We've had some trouble with our recent run of crabcakes - they crumble when you fry them, and we suspect that it's due to too much mayo, or not letting them chill for a while (we have that problem too), or something.  
Since Barbara was home today, she was able to run up a batch well ahead of time, using very little mayo, and then let them rest in the fridge till Holt got home.  But they still crumbled when we fried them, so we need to try something else.  Still tasted good, though.

On the side, we had a Turkish-style cacık of strained yogurt, sliced cucumber that was salted and drained ahead of time, and finely-minced garlic chives, dill, mint, and sorrel, for that lemony taste.  It was worth all the trouble of finding that un-dotted i.

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