Saturday, October 11, 2014

Archaeology party at Jack's

Saturday 4 October
Jack kindly invited the archaeology faculty (with Holt as plus-one) over to his house (otherwise known as Tara) to celebrate the arrival of our new archaeology graduate students and Tytus scholars. 
When we arrived, the party was in the kitchen, and we helped ourselves to our choice of wines and beers while Jack put the hamburgers, metts, and brats on the grill (and explained the concept of metts and brats to the non-Cincinnatians among the guests).
Very soon the barbeque was ready, as was potato salad and Steve's excellent homemade coleslaw, which we ate in the living room so as to have more chance for chatting and bandinage. 
There were pumpkin cookies from Graeter's for dessert, but Barbara had gone straight for the potato chips, and that was enough dessert for her.

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