Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zula, Cincinnati

Wednesday 22 October
What with giving her talk at the Art Museum and then signing copies of her new book, Kara, the AIA speaker whom we were hosting, couldn't tear herself away until at least 9 PM.  There aren't very many restaurants in Cincinnati that stay open that late, but one is Zula.
Two of our HUC colleagues, Nili and Christine, were able to come out with us, so we all got to converse about Near Eastern studies instead of Classics.  We were assisted in this by a bottle of white and a bottle of red, because Zula has the cleverest wine list ever.  Wine types are grouped by price, starting at reasonable, and passing to first, second, third mortgage, and finally Chapter 7.  So we got on the - ahem - economy flight: Domaine De Pellehaut, Harmonie de Gascogne 2012 for our white, and Campos Reales Tempranillo 2011 for the red.

Our small plate appetizers were a savory lamb “moussaka” timbale topped with a thyme roasted tomato in a sea of Moroccan tomato coulis; and yellowfin tuna crudo with tomatoes, citrus, very peppy serrano chiles, and a schmear of avocado.
Mussels are a big thing here, so we got them New Orleans style with shrimp, and a basket of good bread rolls to dip in the sauce.
Zula is secretive about what big plates it's serving, but when our server finally revealed them, we chose a fillet of medium-rare prime beef, served on a pillow of potatoes and greens; and once you started to unfurl the slices, it was quite a generous portion. 

We had a delicious time at the lecture and at our late-night dinner, so thanks to Kara, Nili, Christine, and Zula.

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