Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thai Squid with Holy Basil

Friday 3 October
When Barbara sowed all those basil seeds back in July, she got two or three of the Thai sweet basil she expected, and one stray holy basil, with the tangy flavor and the purple stem.  So since the cold weather is upon us and all basil leaves will brown and be lost anyway, we decided to use the holy basil in something - and why not in something we have lots of, like squid? 
This recipe fit all our needs, though whoever wrote it forgot things like oil for the stir-fry, and salt for the vegetables.

We used 1/2 tsp. of very old chile sambal for the Thai chiles, and it was still enough to crisp our nose hairs while frying; some orange bell and romano peppers for the mild green chiles; and twice the basil called for, which used up all the holy basil we had, and made it just right.  
Pretty, too.

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