Saturday, October 25, 2014

Anginares a la Polita

Friday 24 October
There were 32 - count 'em! - tiny artichokes in $3.99 box Barbara got at Hyde Park Kroger's - what a bargain.  So we made a full meal out of them: our classic Greek artichoke stew, redolent of what Barbara experienced at the restaurant Epiros in Athens (which closed in 2005 so that Agora excavations could expand) back when she was at the American School too many years ago.

The artichokes were so small and tender that they only took 30 minutes for their first simmer.  It was only as a finishing touch that we added a handful more of minced parsley and the last of the dill fronds from our rapidly-going-to-seed plant, and gave a final stir.   The dill makes such a difference: sweet, savory, scent of Greece.

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