Saturday, October 11, 2014

Thai Eggplant in Green Curry

Thursday 9 October
As well as good fresh fish, Jungle Jim's is the place to get exotic vegetables you can't find anywhere else.  So Barbara picked up a pound of Thai eggplants like little green apples, to use with our Mae Ploy green curry.

The basic recipe is here, but as well as substituting Thai eggplants for the more usual Japanese ones, and scanting the green curry paste to 1 Tablespoon (which is plenty, with Mae Ploy), we left out the chiles (no need) and the bamboo shoots (which we find unenchanting, especially when canned).  Also, we use the coconut cream that rises to the top of the can of coconut milk to fry things in, instead of vegetable oil.  But the tips about searing the eggplant and browning the curry paste are right on target.
Luckily we could pick our own Thai sweet basil from one of the cloched plants out of the garden.  Results were quite soupy, but delicious.

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