Saturday, October 18, 2014

Roast Beef Reprise

Wednesday 15 October
Eleni will be leaving for Greece soon, so we invited her over for a very informal dinner so we could catch up on her news. 
It was all a variation on what we did last Saturday, using some of the same ingredients.  This time we made a true insalata caprese, with our own garden tomatoes and basil, the last of the burrata, and a dressing of white balsamic plus a diner's choice of our own oils (rosemary or basil). 
We laid out the sliced roast beef on garden arugula, and topped it with salsa verde made of fresh chervil, capers, and olive oil. 
And then there were slices of Alsatian apple tart (shown here when it was beautiful and whole) to enjoy with a sip of Ipsus dessert wine.

Kalo taxidi, Eleni!

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