Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jee Saheb, Oxford

Saturday 28 June
We went out to dinner with our friends Jo and Chris at the OTHER Indian restaurant in our neighborhood, Jee Saheb.
We started with the usual pappadoms and chutneys, and then we meat eaters split a badami bater, a whole quail rubbed with lemon juice, patted with a paste of almonds, pistachios and cashews, and roasted in a tandoor.  That was top-notch. 
Holt wanted to try a new fruit, so we got satkora chicken, in the style of Sylhet in Bangladesh - satkora is a type of Bengali lemon, and gave a nice acid overtone to the dish.  Even our other main was fruity: Shah Jahan's Last Stew, a Persian-inspired mix of lamb cubes marinated in yogurt, mace, and cardamom, cooked with peaches.  And of course we had garlic naan on the side.

Everything was good, as it tends to be when served with many Kingfisher beers and shared with friends.

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