Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Chesil Rectory, Winchester

Sunday 27 April
Today Diane and Dag swept us off to Winchester.  After morning services in the Cathedral and a stroll about the scenic parts of town, we got hungry and googled Winchester restaurants.  We agreed on having our midday dinner at a well-reviewed place in the oldest building in town, the Chesil Rectory.

The floors were wavy, the furnishings quaint, the doorways low, and the waitstaff polite (especially considering how often they must have bumped their heads while working there).  We started by splitting a plate of smoked salmon with prawn mayonnaise and "Secrett's" garden center leaves, and another of guinea fowl rillettes with golden raisins, pickled radish, and toasts.
The Rectory boasts of its traditional Sunday Roasts, so one of us went for roast spring lamb and the other for roast sirloin of beef, each with "all the trimmings" of the sacred Roast: Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, and roast vegetables.  All were quite good, though they couldn't bring us what we wanted, a medium rare slice.  All were pretty medium, and sliced rather thin.

After such a meal, we couldn't take dessert, especially as time was running short.  Instead, we ran off to see the Round Table before it closed.  No Sunday Roasts on that.

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