Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Another Guest Night, with Trout

Sunday 4 May
As we were having Susanna and Fergus over for dinner in the evening, we hoped that the Bibury Trout Farm man would keep to his schedule and appear at the Summertown Farmers' Market - and he did not disappoint us.  Neither did the bread, bacon, or pastry makers, who supplied us with the products we could not make or bake ourselves.
When our guests arrived and had a glass of wine in hand, we laid out a spread of varied appetizers: a relish of diced peaches, chickpeas, and carrots; mixed olives from Fasta Pasta in the Covered Market, and their fresh anchovy fillets diced into a bowl of fresh tomatoes; another bowl of tomato dice, this time with basil leaves; olive- and cheese-flavored crackers; and a board of stilton and cheddar.
The center of the feast was the Bibury trout, baked on a bed of sliced sauteed onion and romano pepper, with a side dish of German potato salad featuring bacon, mustard, and pickle.  Holt even carved the halves of lemon to decorate the plate, as well as flavor the fish.
We ended with coffee, tea, and a raspberry bakewell tart, topped with spoonfuls of cream. 

Though it took a bit more preparation than yesterday's meal, we still love to have our friends in for dinner.

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