Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guest Night, with Frittata and Salad

Saturday 3 May
Today Dag and Diane drove us all the way to Wales to see Caerlaon, site of a fortress of the Roman second legion, and Caerwent, a near-contemporary town of the local tribe the Silures.  The weather was unusually beautiful, and we actually got a bit of a sunburn as we sat out in the garden of a local pub at the end of the day, enjoying a half pint of bitter. 

Just as the sun was setting, we drove to the woods of Coed Cefn to see, but barely believe, a cloud of bluebells so thick that they turn the ground beneath the trees purply-blue - so Monet. 
It was a two hour drive back to Oxford, and too late to get any dinner along the road.  So we went back to our flat, where (once everyone was supplied with a glass of cold white wine) Holt fixed a frittata using red peppers and zucchini, cheddar and pecorino romano, while Barbara put together a salad of tomato, rocket, and olives. 

We love being able to take our friends home and feed them a good meal without any advance planning.

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