Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rump Roast and Potatoes

Sunday 6 March
Salted away back in the freezer was a four-pound rump roast.  We pulled it out to defrost on Friday, and by Sunday, the beast was ready to roast. 
We followed, with some trepidation, the directions here.
We just salted the sullen lump of protein, rather than stuffing it with garlic cloves, and roasted at 500º for 20 minutes.  Then we lowered the heat to 275º, and put a chopped onion and a cup of water into the pan.  We let it go for 20 mins/lb., adding quartered yukon gold potatoes when it was about an hour away from being done.
When an instant-read thermometer read ca. 130-135º, for medium rare, we took the roast out and let it rest for 7 minutes, which was about as much as we could bear.

The roast carved like a dream; and we ate it all so fast, we forgot to take a picture.  Beef: it's what's for dinner.

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