Sunday, March 13, 2016

AIA Dinner at the Santens'

Friday 11 March
Our friend and former AIA society president, Ann, had invited all members of our new Board of Directors over to her house for dinner; and when she found that that was the same day that Joe Greene was giving his seminar on Nabataean archaeology, she generously invited him as well. 
While Harry poured us a welcoming glass of wine (among many choices, there were a Cretan white, New Zealand and Oregon Pinots Noirs, a Falanghina white, and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc), Ann served trays of crackers topped with baked brie or paté. 
We milled around snacking and chatting, until Ann called us to the table, which was set with Harry's own vibrant, hand-thrown pottery. 
The buffet had more of Harry's dishes, loaded with quinoa, savory chicken casserole, and green salad dressed with Antonis' Spartan oil.  It made a lovely (and tasty) plateful.

And when we were done, there were brownies and coffee, for a sweet ending.  
So thanks, Ann and Harry, for a delightful evening!


Concerned said...

How long will we have to look at these perverse posts by this sick man? Imagine what he did when he got home from the Santenista dinner.....

Barbara said...

Speaking of sick it happens, this post, and all such for the past year and more, is by Barbara, who pities "Concerned" and all such trolls. They know nothing about Holt, it is clear.
I have suspended posting on this blog, more in sadness than in anger.