Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chips and Hummus and...

Friday 17 July
After a frazzling day in traffic, we were happy to arrive in Nashville and be welcomed by the family.  
We had packed a dinner for everyone, so when we arrived, we pulled out our vegan-friendly appetizer of sundried tomato hummus.  We innocently asked if there were chips.  What came out were Doritos: cool ranch flavor (non-vegan) and spicy sweet chili (vegan).  They also contain monosodium glutamate, sodium diacetate, hydrolyzed proteins, and a bunch of other things you would be more likely to find in a chem lab than in a farmers' market.  But they were fatally delicious and addictive. 

By the time we had polished off three small bags of cool ranch and the big bag of sweet chili, we didn't feel much like making, much less having, a normal dinner.  So we continued to snack and chat, eating things like David's leftover pot roast with vegetables, and big slices of watermelon and luscious honeydew. 

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