Saturday, July 11, 2015

Rotini with Chicken, Peas, and Cream

Thursday 9 July
Remember Monday's roast chicken?  Picked the tasty bits off whatever was left of the carcass, and used them to make this quick off-the-cuff pasta. 

Its sauce began with yellow bell peppers sautéed in olive oil, to which we added the paltry remainer of the soffritto we made a full week ago, and the last of the sugar-snap peas (in pod or out, depending on condition).  Also stirred in a handful of chopped fresh sage from the garden to wilt a bit.

When all that was tender, we poured in all the cream we had left (about a third of a cup) and the chicken, and finally tossed in the boiled rotini.
Is there such a thing as Italian chicken à la King?  There would have been, had we had any mushrooms.

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