Monday, July 06, 2015

Pappardelle al Ragù di Porchetta

Thursday 2 July
We made the last shreds of pulled pork from Barbara's big ol' Butt, which made its debut on June 18, into an approximation of the classic Tuscan dish pappardelle alla lepre. 
We mixed up a batch of fresh pasta, which we eventually rolled out to the 5 measure (probably we should have gone to 6, as they ended up a little stiff - but still good).  When it had rested, we rolled up the four sheets and cut them freehand into broad noodles.
Then we rinsed out the robot-coupe, whizzed up a small stick of celery, a carrot, and half a large onion, and sautéed them into a soffritto, with salt and a bay leaf for flavor.  When the soffritto was tender, we pushed a place in the center of the pan and sautéed a Tablespoon of tomato paste, then added the pulled pork and its jelly; it cooked and got soft, and occasionally we added a little white wine to keep it moist until the past was ready.

With our heaping plates of pasta, we drank Ménage à Trois red wine, from Folie à Deux.  It was fruity enough to bolster the beautiful, rich sauce.

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