Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fourth of July at Rama and Erik's

Saturday 4 July
Our neighbors Rama and Erik invited us over for a Fourth of July garden potluck.  When we got there, we not only found them and their son Krishna prepping for the festivities, but also Barbara's AAUP associate, Nages. 

We had brought a couple of bowls of kale chips, result of the first picking of our dwarf Siberian kale, and there were Indian potato patties to snack on as we waited for the salmon to barbeque.  Unfortunately, the fish didn't turn out well, but Erik saved the day by going out and bringing back a batch of tandoori chicken, while Rama made yellow rice with black mustard seeds.

For dessert, Holt had made a walnut-crusted cream tart and brought some blueberries, and Barbara plunged into Rama's raspberry canes to get us some of the last red fruit to make it a patriotic red, white, and blue tart.  Worthy of fireworks!

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