Saturday, November 14, 2015

Steak Béarnaise and Parsnip Mash

Sunday 8 November
After a couple of vegetable meals, we were ready for something meaty.  Also, Holt's Saturday granola-making had produced two extra egg yolks.  That usually prompts sauce Hollandaise (on a steak), but this time we changed it up entirely and made sauce Béarnaise with fresh tarragon (on a steak).

As a side dish, we cooked milk-mashed parsnips.  
But though we had been warned, we had the fire too high initially, and despite the fact that there was plenty of room in the saucepan, it boiled over and made a big mess, not to mention being sort of grainy as a result.  So this is to remind us to cook those parsnips ON LOWEST HEAT from the beginning to the end.  
(Still tasted good, though.)

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