Saturday, November 14, 2015

Linguiça with Celeriac Remoulade

Tuesday 10 November

As we've mentioned before, the sausages from Kroger Brothers in Findlay Market have slipped down in quality.  A few weeks ago, the owner was at the stand, and we mentioned this to him.  He swore that he was now back at work after some time off, and that quality control would return.  So we bought three (one large for Barbara, two small for Holt) of our favorite type, Portuguese linguiça, and tonight we tested for ourselves.
Results, unfortunately, were not as promised.  Moisture drained out of the sausages as they browned in the pan, so the insides were nubbly instead of well-integrated, and Barbara again found a bit of gristle inside hers.  So we will regretfully continue to steer clear of these formerly-unbeatable sausages.

Fortunately, our celeriac remoulade continues to be flawless.

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