Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lamb Stew for Melanie

Wednesday 11 November
Our niece the musicologist was dropping in for an overnighter on her way to a conference in Louisville, so we welcomed her with a long-simmered dish that could be ready any time.  Which turned out to be a good idea, as her plane was delayed an hour, but this lamb stew didn't mind.
We adapted for two pounds of lamb, pre-marinated it in a dose of white wine, olive oil, and some sprigs of rosemary, used a big onion instead of a small shallot, and tucked the rosemary sprigs and a handful of thyme sprigs into the stew for the simmer. 
When we got home, we removed the herb stems, threw in some little new potatoes and chopped garden carrots, and chatted over red wine and snacks while we waited for the vedge to be done.  
Then, to the table, where every meltingly tender morsel was sopped up, the highest accolade.

Dessert was a last wedge of Holt's coffee-walnut torta rustica, topped with Graeter's salted caramel and coconut chip.  
We hope our other nieces and nephews take note: even if it means a little detour, stop and visit Uncle Holt and Aunt Barbara.  They'll feed you right.

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