Saturday, November 03, 2012

Dinner with Lauren and Zac

Thursday 25 October
Our friends Lauren and Zac invited us around the corner to their house for dinner, and we were delighted to come and share great food, fascinating conversation, and the same type of jokes we like to make. 
They are great cheese mavens, so they greeted us with some local types they had scouted out: an old Kentucky tomme, and a savory soft blue, served with pear slices (in lemon juice so they don't brown) and crisp crisps.
Zac spent a formative year abroad in Bologna, and while he was there learned the genuine recipe for ragĂș Bolognese.  Apparently when he went into the butcher shop in Bologna and began to request the four canonical ragĂș meats by the etto, he was greeted with the silent nods that signify Italian respect for the man who knows his recipes.  We were honored that he prepared it for us, having gathered the precise ingredients from Findlay Market.  It came out on a giant platter, heaped onto home-made and hand-cut pappardelle, and it was ambrosial.
After that quintessential primo, we went on to a more American secondo: roasted acorn squash with sage pesto.  This was actually made with sage from our garden, and we told Lauren to help herself to more, if this was the way it was going to end up.
Finally we went on to a dessert of baked pears with salted caramel ice cream, and a tot of Lauren's special Talisker scotch - we felt so honored to share it.  And what a fun evening - so thanks, Lauren and Zac!

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