Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hamburgers and Celeriac Slaw

Tuesday 22 December
If you have a yen for some particular food, it's better to make a good version out of high-quality ingredients at home, rather than go out and gobble some commercial crap.  
We love hamburgers, and when we cook them at home we can get them just medium-rare rather than overcooked, and garnish them with our paprika-and-salt-laden caramelized onions.  We're less fussy about the buns, so English muffins work.  Whether out or in, though, the ketchup has to be Heinz.
On the side, a sort of slaw: just the leftover sautéed celeriac from a couple of days ago, dressed with mayonnaise to masquerade as our favorite remoulade.  

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