Saturday, December 19, 2015

An Awful Interim

Monday 7 December to Friday 11 December
December 7 was a day that will live in infamy, for us as well as Pearl Harbor.  Holt was taken to the emergency room, had an operation that night, and spent 5 days in the University hospital, first on tube fluids, then on lemon ice and toast, then on hospital-grade vegetable soup (hard to tell which is worse).  Barbara ran errands, sat with him, went home late each night, and devoured another part of the leftover chicken from Saturday, just with salt.  It can hardly be described, much less lived through. 
But Holt came home on the Friday, and was refreshed by a bowl of our own chicken stock, with tender capellini noodles, thin discs of yellow and orange garden carrots, and fresh parsley. 

And just to be consistent, Barbara devoured the last of the chicken (two wings) and a zucchini and tomato salad. 

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