Saturday, December 12, 2015

Campanelle with Asparagus, Sorrel and Cheese

Thursday 3 December
Way back at Halloween, Barbara whipped up some goat-cheese spread flavored with sorrel.  We've been snacking on it ever since, but there was still some at the bottom of a bowl at the back of the fridge.  So as part of the great leftovers cleanout, we made it part of this seat-of-the-pants pasta. 

First, boiled a pot of water, cooked a sheaf of sliced asparagus (tips went in last), and fished them out to drain.  Then the pasta (campanelle) went into the pot.  When it was done, we drained it in a colander, threw it and the asparagus back into the same pot, and tossed it with the goat cheese spread, a little cream, some grated pecorino romano, and a couple of handfuls of chiffonaded fresh sorrel from the garden.

Could this be that impossible rarity, a pasta that no one has made before?  Who cares?  The only thing that matters is that it tasted like spring in the middle of winter.

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