Saturday, April 25, 2015

Grilled Swordfish and Vegetables

Saturday 18 April
Barbara was at an AAUP regional meeting all day, so Holt had to go to Findlay Market all by himself (one of the other times he's done that, one of our friendly vendors asked him, "where's your sidekick?").  He came back with a good load of varied vedge and an envie for a big grillup.
Got out a pair of swordfish steaks, and when Barbara got home, marinated them in oil, lime, and thyme for only 10-15 minutes; you don't want to turn them into seviche. 

Heated the grill, and laid on some oiled and salted slices of red onion (with the butt end still holding them together so they don't fall through the grill), red bell pepper, and fanned-out zucchini.
When those were done and resting on a hot platter, threw the swordfish on and gave it a turn to make grillmarks.

The fish was perfectly cooked, and the marinade gave it both zest and moisture.  We need to remember to marinate more often.

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