Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pork Tenderloins and Root Vegetable Mash

Thursday 11 October
We had a fair amount of root vedge left over from Tuesday before last's pot roast.  What's more, the parsnip batons had remained tough and resilient, probably because we'd braised it rather than dry-roasting (which makes it instantly tender) and cut it into batons rather than discs (thus preserving the long fibers).  
The solution was to throw all the vedge into a pot and reheat it with chicken broth, mashing it gently until it was all combined and tender, then mushing in a dollop of heavy cream and suitable doses of salt and pepper.
As a protein, we pan-fried a couple of thick-cut salted and thymed pork medallions; and when they were just done, deglazed the pan with Marsala, a touch of balsamic, and a shower of dried cranberries, for seasonal sweet and sour flavors.

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