Friday, July 20, 2007

Smoked Whitefish and Lox Sandwiches

Wednesday 18 July

Home again, home again to one of the greatest sandwiches ever created by the mind of man. We had hit Costco while in TN, and returned laden with smoked whitefish salad. We swear, if they could just guarantee that they'd always have this in stock, we'd join up in a instant.

So our post-drive-home dinner was simply whitefish salad on toasted english muffins . . . and here's the important part . . . topped with nova lox. Nothing takes the taste of Anglicanism out of your mouth like Yiddishe cuisine (if that's not an oxymoron). It's another of our bids to win the Goyishe Cup for Interfaith Understanding through Food.

As a side dish, we made nice Kathy's napa cabbage slaw with blue cheese. This is very tasty, even if you don't much care for blue cheese, and unlike most coleslaw recipes, you can serve it immediately, without having to wait for the cabbage to marinate and relax.
You just shred up a 2-pound napa cabbage,
add a quarter cup of diced onion (preferably red)
and crumble ca. 8 oz. of blue cheese on top of that.
Then you shake up a dressing composed of
a half cup of oil,
a third cup of cider vinegar,
2 minced garlic cloves,
a Tbsp. of sugar,
a tsp. of celery seed,
a quarter tsp. of dry mustard,
and some salt and white pepper.
Serve it right away, and finish it all - it gets a mite limp after a while.

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