Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fettucine Sausage Alfredo

Thursday December 6

This is what you do when you're tired (in this case, after trying to ride herd on one of your students' PhD defense), hungry, and there's a half-pound of bulk sausage (left over from the stuffed squash you made two days ago) in the fridge. Holt first had this back in grad. stud. days, as prepared by Anita B.*, and, yes, we know that you can now get "sausage alfredo" at Olive Garden** but that don't mean it isn't good, if done nicely.

We last had this over a year ago, in about the same situation. It's still damn good.

* Ex-Sam Nunn Professor of Law at Emory, ex-Wallace Stevens Professor of Law (a much cooler title) at New York Law School , and now the Anita (how appropriate) and Stuart Subotnick Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School. No points for guessing.
** "When you're here, you're a grotesque ethnic stereotype."

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