Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sicilian Tuna with Spices

Tuesday 27 August
It was the day before we had to leave, so we were trying to use fresh things up while not leaving anything perishable open. The solution was to make this recipe with previously-frozen tuna steaks. The recipe is a mixture of the classic Florentine way of cooking pork roast (arista, barding it with garlic and herbs) and the classic Sicilian way of doing fish (agrodolce). The problem is tuna aint pig. We remain doubtful that sticking slivers of garlic and spices would work even for a large whole fillet (tuna overcooks so easily), but steaks were definitely too small and cooked too quickly, so the slivers remained raw and tasted too strong. The sauce was quite tasty, though, so next time we'll chop the garlic, grind up a few coriander seeds and cloves, and sauté them along with the sauce.

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