Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brown's on the Green, Islington

Thursday 29 August

We were delighted to arrive in London and be greeted by our friend Elizabeth, for whom we would be housesitting in the coming weeks. Of course, as soon as the world economy had heard we were coming, the dollar tanked even deeper, and London prices skyrocketed to record levels of unreasonableness. But we didn't care - because when we stepped onto the plane the temperature and humidity were both in the upper 90s, but when we stepped off both were in the upper 50s. We had flown into autumn, and best of all, autumn ELSEWHERE.

Elizabeth pampered us with tea and biscuits, and we had a short post-travel snooze. So when we got up, we wanted something comforting that was nearby and wouldn't demand much effort or attention. She recommended Brown's on the Green not just for those sterling qualities, but for its deep soft chairs. Sold.

In fact, the food was pretty good. Holt ordered the day's special, "gigot," not a roast leg of lamb but a grilled slice of it, served with honeyed gravy, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Barbara had a strip steak with beurre maitre d'hotel, plus excellent chips (okay, French fries, but we're trying to be English here) and watercress. The meats were medium-rare as we wanted them, and with a bottle of Tempranillo and people-watching (some serious snogging) from a soft banquette, we had nothing more to ask.

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