Thursday, September 06, 2007

El Coto, Newcastle

Monday September 3

How often do you have a chance to go out to dinner with forty scholars of ancient medicine? And why would you want to? No, they are perfectly nice people, and as the crowning social event of the New Approaches to Ancient Medicine Conference, they all went out to dinner at El Coto, a Spanish restaurant in Newcastle.

As mentioned below, the Brits are currently infatuated with tapas, and when you have to feed two big tables of people of all types, sensibilities, and nationalities, it's not a bad idea to put down a lot of small plates and let them graze on what they like. So we started with cheese, olives, and jamon serrano, went on to salads with tuna and plates of fresh anchovies with tomato, then chicken in sauce, little sausages, lamb meatballs, and excellent fried calamari, fried potatoes, and several things that neither of us can remember. There was red and white wine on the table, of course, though a couple of the Brits went for beer. And at the end, some even went for desserts - I remember a forkful of cheesecake myself. It was all good honest stuff, so we honestly stuffed.

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