Monday, August 27, 2007

Italian Sausages with Poblano Chiles

Saturday 25 August

We had some Italian sausages (made at our local German butcher shop) left over from Saturday, but instead of grilling them with bell peppers and onions in the classic Feast-of-San-Gennaro street-food fashion, we sautéed them (first open, then closed) with our own poblano peppers (sliced) from the garden, some non-ex-garden onions, and some chopped very-much-ex-garden tomatoes (mainly black plums and San Marzanos). The tomatoes broke down and helped make the onions and peppers meltingly tender as they steamed with the browned sausages under the lid, and the poblanos added a spicy kick of their own. You could have put this on an Italian hard roll and walked around with it, but why bother?

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