Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cellentani with Chard-Tomato Sauce

Wednesday 1 August

Rabbit, rabbit. No that's not what we had; it's what you say on the first of the month to ensure good luck (a superstition inherited from Vaden, who assured us that if you fail to say it first thing, you can always make up for it by saying "Tibbar, tibbar" at the end of the day).

The herd of Swiss chard, too, was culled for the Fair, and the losers were promptly eaten. Swiss chard isn't Swiss and probably isn't even "chard," a situation complicated by the fact that this was Rainbow chard, but only one color; it's still the red sole survivor from last year's crop that wintered over.
The simple recipe is here.
We used a half a can of puréed tomatoes (from the eggplant parmesan stoo), which worked perfectly, especially when showered with grated romano cheese on the plate.

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