Monday, July 25, 2011

La Casa Sena, Santa Fe

Thursday June 16
We spent the day driving up The Back Road to Taos, one of the most scenic roads in the world.  And a not insignificant stop along the way is Chimayo.  You must stop at the Sanctuary, and get some Sacred Dirt.  You must go to the chile sellers, and get a ristra for your home.  And you must go to El Rancho de Chimayo for lunch.  We did all three, and the best was the last.  Barbara even found a Burrell tortilla on the menu, made with green chiles and cheddar cheese, so we just had to have it - along a plate of their classic chicken flautas, and a few chiles rellenos.

Later that night, Winifred took us out to La Casa Sena, a restaurant on a nice quiet courtyard in central Santa Fe, which claims an emphasis on the seasonal, local, and sustainable.  
Our appetizers were house-cured Coho salmon on wonton crisps with black tobiko caviar, and a coffee-seared carpaccio of Nilgai antelope with truffle oil and shavings; but the waiter mistook Winifred's order, and brought her the salmon appetizer too instead of the main course she wanted.
Our main courses were Vermont (yeah, local!) quail on edamame-studded quinoa (too bland) with baby bok choy, and grilled Nilgai antelope chop (chewy but good) with tiny roast turnips and oyster mushrooms on black beans and blueberries (again too bland).
Verdict: La Casa Sena has confused service, the preps are too standard, unimaginative, and not very meticulous...for four times the price of the wonderful Rancho de Chimayo.

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