Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pulled Pork and Mash

Friday 11 September
At the end of a very long week, and, on Holt's part, an inspiring talk about what it is that philologists (should) do, we decided to kick up our heels and go out to Myrtle's Punch House with Eleni, Valeria, Hamish, Dana, and Colin.  It was fun to hang out with the younger faculty, there are comfy couches to sit on, and Myrtle's always has something new and interesting to drink (this time, Admiral Russell's Punch).
Afterwards, Eleni kindly drove us home, and of course we invited her in for dinner (she happens to be one of our vast readership - hi, Eleni!).  
Luckily we still had a small mountain of pulled pork from Sunday, so all it needed was to be reheated and piled on top of mashed potato and turnip, enriched with goat cheese, butter, and cream.

We lingered, chatting, over dark chocolate and red wine.  It was a wonderful start to the weekend.

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