Sunday, September 13, 2015

La Poste, Clifton

Wednesday 9 September
Kathleen kindly invited us and Lauren out to dinner with tonight's speaker, Peter Schertz, at our local bistro, La Poste.  We haven't been there for a couple of years, so it was a chance to catch up with what they're doing.
Since it was a humid summer night (what else?), Holt chose us a Verdicchio, Tenuta di Tavignano Villa Torre, which proved to be lightly sweet but charming. 

As starters, we went for a prosciutto-wrapped stilton salad (looking like an overgrown caterpillar on a plate - and it was, after all, full of lettuce leaves), and steamed mussels with aromatics and cherry tomatoes.  We had always liked La Poste's mussels, but though as pretty as ever, these turned out to be oversteamed and  scrawny.
Though the main course of salmon and varied vedge was pretty good, the multicolored Israeli couscous it topped was bland.  Same went for the seared scallops and cherry tomatoes on risotto: the base of the dish was underseasoned and overcooked.

La Poste is too established, not to mention too pricey, to get away with these elementary mistakes.  Not a good sign for the future.

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